TrixIE WPF4.5 - Greasemonkey in IE

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Several years ago, there was Trix on .
But there is no official sites, only a copy of Ver.0.2.3 could be gotton.
I got a trouble after I installed IE11.
I've tried to solve my problem making own Greasemonkey and got it.
I've looking for the way how my Greasemonkey could be applied on IE11.
Then I got Trixie binary and started to rewrite it.


  • almost same as original Trixie
  • single exe file
  • self COM register
  • WPF options dialog
  • cross-domain XmlHttpRequest(GM_xmlhttpRequest) is eliminated
  • Google DeLinker Greasemonkey script
  • .NET 4.5 required
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