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Author: 郎言志

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In the middle of the night in the exotic country, after I finished the work at hand, the author lay down lazily, and then happily took out the mobile phone. At the moment when the mobile phone was turned on, almost a Chinese compatriot was shot across the screen.

This way: At the time, when I opened the mobile phone, I saw a netizen spitting out that a telecom operator in China was inefficient, and also got a lot of netizens’ "resonance". In the comment area, some people attributed "inefficient" to "There is a problem with the Chinese social system," and the author and the friends on the side laughed at the screen "hahaha". At the time, the author had only one thought in his heart - I really wanted to slap them to death. When the author saw that some netizens commented that “the withdrawal procedure and the queue took an hour to die slowly”, the author was so angry that he thought of his own story: when he went to the business hall in Europe to go through the formalities of retreating the network. - Queue for one hour, consult for five minutes, go home and send a letter to the operator's headquarters to apply, and wait for the next month.

Therefore, across the mountains and waters, I still want to slap a slap in the face of this group of spit-slots in China, which is extremely inefficient and claims to be "China's incorrigible" compatriots. In view of the fact that some Chinese people have already squandered China's efficiency, the author deliberately found out the articles about the efficiency of the developed countries in the past two years. Let's see what is slow...there is much efficiency in Western society. terrible? Hold your breath, the following content will either mad at you, or you will laugh at you~

1.The lazy attitude of the society is the hard work of the Chinese. This is well known in the world, but it is not well known that Westerners are lazy. Because in the overall social atmosphere of the West, "lazy" has been named "rights", they do not think that their economy can not cheer up because "lazy", but that "all because the Chinese are too selfish, work Then work hard, not let others live."

In general, in the Western world, laziness is like a habit. Although many people are troubled by the lazy state of society, most people still choose the perfunctory attitude of “habits are good” to face such reality. The situation, over time, has led to the inefficiency of the society as a whole.

In September of the seventh and seventh years, I was going to transfer from the former university to another European university. According to the regulations, I was going to participate in the interview test of the school. The school informed me that the mail was for me to take the test at 9:00 in the morning and a total of 20 students who attended the interview with me. Since I was already hurt by the "efficiency" in Europe, I was ready to finish at 14 o'clock in the afternoon. However, even with sufficient experience, I was defeated by the European "efficiency" signboard - 20 people, 5 professors took 10 hours! I know that someone will say, "Yes, the teachers in Europe are responsible. Every student gives plenty of time. This is responsible. Do you know!" However, the truth is this: Write a 9-point exam, everyone 8 At 30 points, the professor continued at 9:30. As a result, the professors did not arrange the examination procedures at all. Let us wait for them to clear the scene and the examination procedures (in which classroom exams are not known). The above is not the most irritating. What is more irritating is that it is arranged for the examination. As a result, several professors smoked outside the corridor and then went to drink coffee in twos and threes. This has been tossing until eleven o'clock before the exam begins. It stands to reason that each student's 7-minute interview can be over in more than two hours. The professors have to take a break of ten minutes for each interview, and sometimes have some coffee. At about 12 o'clock, several noble professors told us that they had to rest for half an hour, and they returned for an hour and a half before returning. Because of this lazy treatment, it is almost time for dinner when it is the turn of the author. There is another classmate who also participated in the interview with me. The student’s experience was even more sympathetic—because the professor was too lazy, the efficiency was too low, and then a large number of students did not complete the interview within the professor’s “working hours,” so the professor said: Come back tomorrow!"

The same situation does not only occur in universities, but also in all walks of life in Europe. Everyone should have the feeling that in recent years, regardless of Germany, or the developed countries such as France and the United Kingdom, they often use "a road that can't be repaired in one hundred years." Such news is being squandered. Many times people will only accuse this of being an institutional problem, but in fact there is still a problem - it is really too lazy! Let me see an example that I have witnessed: I studied in a city in the north of Venice and lived in a university-cooperative hotel. A building opposite the hotel has begun to specialize in the exterior wall when I came. In the past, the shelf of the outer wall has not been removed. Until one year later, the author transferred to school, and the house was still suffering on the road of specialization. Later, the author knew that this was very common. "Three days of fishing and two days of drying the net" is really there. It is also a daily operation for half a day. This efficiency is really touching. "The legendary Western century project is true, covering a hundred years, tinkering for a hundred years, this is the superiority of the system, Oye!"

2.The thinking will not change. The Chinese have a saying called “random response”, which is what we often say as “special affairs” and “development reform”. There is another saying in Europe called “we only act according to regulations”. And even if there are huge problems, they will not change. Even if they want to change, they will encounter various interest groups to block. What does this mean? To give a simple example: the secretariat of my former university was "reservation system". I waited outside the Secretariat in the morning. The people in the Secretariat were free to drink coffee. I asked for the procedure, just five minutes. The simple things that can be solved, the result of the staff said "you must make an appointment in advance, this is the rule", I asked them why they can't solve the problem immediately, and their answer is still "the rule is like this." All of this can be more straightforwardly understood as: everything can be used to find excuses and support for "doing nothing", Europeans are very much obeyed and defended, and other regulations are often turned a blind eye.

In the encounter with the "reservation door", there is also Chinese Lin Sister. Sister Lin was met on the train. I was so angry that she told me about this experience: "My mobile phone is broken. I went to a store in Venice to watch the mobile phone. I took a fancy Apple phone and said that I want to buy it. When they didn't sell it to me, I asked why, they said that I had to make an appointment first, then they could pick up the goods from the warehouse. I asked them how long they would make an appointment. They told me for a week or even a month, I simply didn't buy it! "And I have a similar experience with Lin Sister, and my friend Abin. Abin bought a purse in France, but was told on the spot that he could not get the goods. He had to make an appointment for the goods, and he could pick it up after a week. (The shop does not have the goods, or the goods are insufficient, you have to get the goods by appointment)

Different from the social state of China's “follow-to-go” and “time to solve things”, in the cultural atmosphere of Europe, everyone is “can drag and drop”. For example, going to the bank to do a card, it can be solved in China in a few minutes, but in Europe, you must make an appointment a few days or even a few weeks in advance, and the bank will give you a time period for the card (for example, July 7) 11:00-12:00 am, and outside of this time, you can't do the card. The same "囧" situation also appears on medical issues. In most countries in Europe, when the condition is not urgent, it is necessary to "appoint" to see a doctor. In a few days, most of them will be nearly half. Month, simply put it - no appointment, no medical treatment, wait until you see a doctor, it is already good (an emergency can go directly to the hospital, no emergency appointment, and then a long wait).

It should also be mentioned that in some developed countries in Europe, you will often encounter this situation: delay in going to work and getting off work in advance. As stated in the previous article - "Everything can make excuses and support for the 'doing nothing', the Europeans are very much obeying, and other regulations are often turned a blind eye."

To give a simple example, in some universities in Western Europe, you will often encounter classes that have not been taught for a long time, even if the professors have not seen them in half of the class. The reason is very simple, or the professor is late for the delay. Either teach smoking or coffee, because their society allows this "humanistic spirit" to exist. On the other hand, for the "just-in-time" thing, they are absolutely rigorous. For example, I took the materials to the dormitory office half an hour earlier. As a result, the office staff will leave work after half an hour, let me change the day. Come back (she is afraid that she will not be able to get off work on time, she will take a break before work to get back home), and when I arrive at the mobile phone business hall 15 minutes before the end of business, the staff of the mobile phone business hall also Also refused all services on the grounds of “coming off work”.

3.The potential drawbacks of the system defects Another manifestation of the extremely low efficiency of European and American society is in the social system. The most prominent point is the ability to mobilize and dispatch disaster relief. In the author's 2018 "Why is a mountain fire stumping the entire United States?" In this article, when I mentioned the efficiency of Western society, I cited an example of my own experience in the West: there was a huge storm in the small town where I lived, the city was in a mess, and the casualties and losses were quite serious. Later, I expected them to be inefficient, so they estimated that they could clean up and complete the initial recovery in a week, but the result was that until two months later, the fallen trees were still lying on the side of the road, and the destroyed public facilities were still unmanned. Asked. The root cause of this situation is that there is a problem with the "system". Although everyone hopes to carry out rescue and restore the original appearance of the city as soon as possible, "who will recover" and "who will go out" become a real problem. The law does not clarify who is responsible for disaster relief, so the efficiency of disaster relief is relatively low.

4.Responsibility and crisis awareness We all know that most developed countries in the West implement the policy of “high taxation and high welfare”. Such policies have indeed stabilized the society from the early stage, but with the development of the times, they are fundamentally It has become a cancer of social development. Due to the long-term habit of the so-called “high welfare”, the people in the western high-welfare countries were “spoiled”, and most people began to fight against the society for “less pay, more demand”, even if their country is on the verge of Bankruptcy is not willing to take a step back. Under this circumstance, the state of society is negative. The situation of strikes or negative treatment of work is common in Europe. This also directly affects the development and operation of society, and makes the inefficient society even more devastated. And because the so-called "trade unions" in Europe are many of the potential "hooligans" nature (regardless of the reality, regardless of society and the country's life and death, even lazy and rogue maintenance), to the background of some workers or practitioners who are not motivated Support, which led to the negative attitude of workers and a large number of service personnel and government workers, and there was no crisis awareness among them, and the efficiency and service quality were relatively low. In addition, the lack of sense of responsibility is also obvious.

In some countries living in Europe, it is often the case that the police station mails the important address of the mail and the wrong information of the documents, and it is even more ridiculous that it is a “residence permit” that takes several months to process. Sometimes I get the certificate, but the certificate has expired. My former friends, Li and Chen, both had received a "survival certificate". (The document has a 12-month validity period, and the European Police Department took 14 months to make it and then sent it to the applicant). My friend Gu, signed a broadband one year ago, the European operator promised to complete the installation within 15 days, and the result was only installed half a year later. The reason given was actually that the former installer had resigned half a year ago. Everyone has forgotten about your family. (Without any compensation, I am satisfied with a sentence "sorry")

5.The social “social architecture” of the Western society has been stagnant for decades or even a hundred years without development. (The “social architecture” here is not simply about houses and highways, but also ideas, technology, systems, etc. ). Because there is too much content covered, and many of them are inconvenient to understand, we will select the problem of "information networking" that Chinese people know better. We all know that in China, mobile phone cards, ID cards, medical cards, bank cards, and related student status, household registration, etc. are all "networked together." To put it simply, the Chinese live in a multi-dimensional space of network information and real-world collaborative architecture, and it is faster and more convenient in dealing with various social issues. However, in Europe and America, this is not the case. Western governments, police, etc. do not have the concept of "networking" (even if they are, they will be limited by social concepts and funding issues). For the sake of easy understanding, let me give you an example: I changed a city in 17 years and need to re-apply the funds certificate. The bank card for my proof of funds is handled in the previous city, but the bank is available in every city. I found my bank "Sao Paulo Bank" in the new city, let the staff give me a certificate of water and proof of funds. As a result, the staff said that there is no data, I have to go back to the original city bank window for inquiries. In the same way, because there is no comprehensive information network, it also causes me to go back to the original city if I want to perform other operations on my bank card (except for deposit, withdrawal, transfer). This undoubtedly caused me a lot of trouble. Such a similar situation also occurs in all aspects of European society, including student information of the university and identity information of residents. On the other hand, it is inefficient in transportation. Due to the long-term disrepair of many roads, the derailment of technology and the times, and the difficulty of keeping up with the development of the basic components, the roads in Europe and the United States are not good, the roads are not straight, the trains are slow, the city traffic is imperfect, and so on. What is caused by the inconvenience is the reality of the inefficiency of European and American society - this is also a manifestation of the inefficiency of European and American society.

Finally, the author hopes that my compatriots will not feel complacent because of the author's spit. In terms of efficiency, we Chinese must compare with ourselves and make progress! Because you don't improve, you may be caught up by others. However, we must also properly understand the work pressure of the staff, do not cry like a "giant baby" - this society, mutual understanding is very important! Of course, the author still wants to slap the camera across the screen. Can you consider the feelings of the people in other areas, too much! (Applause.)

Author: 刘斯郎