DTS 与 Dolby 声道相关

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L - Left
R - Right
C - Center
LFE - Low Frequency Effect (woofer)
S - Surround
Ls - Left Surround
Rs - Right Surround
Lss - Left Side Surround
Rss - Right Side Surround
CS - Center Surround
Ls-r - Left Surround Rear
Rs-r - Right Surround Rear
LW - Left Wide
RW - Right Wide
C-Oh -Center Over-Head
Ch - Center High
Lhs - Left Height Side
Rhs - Right Height Side
Lh - Left Height
Rh - Right Height
B - Mono back
LB - Left back
RB - Right back


LRCS refers to Left Right Center Surround, where the surround speaker is center-rear positioned. This is the original surround format that first appeared as Dolby Stereo in cinema and later as the home cinema format Dolby ProLogic.

This is the same as 5.1 (see below) but without the LFE channel. The LFE channel is optional in 5.1 and if you do not plan to use it, you might find this option more convenient.

This format is one of the most popular in cinema and DVD. In its various cinema and DVD encoding implementations (established by different manufacturers) it is referred to as Dolby Digital, AC-3, DTS and MPEG 2 Multichannel. 5.1 has 1 center speaker (mainly used for speech) and 4 surround speakers (for music and sound effects). Additionally a subchannel (LFE – Low Frequency Effects) with lower bandwidth is used for special low frequency effects.

Same as LRCS, but without the surround speaker channel.

Left-Right-Surround, with the surround speaker positioned at center-rear.

Same as LRC but with an LFE subchannel added.

Same as LRS but with an LFE subchannel added.

The original Quadraphonic format for music, with one speaker in each corner. This format was intended for vinyl record players.

Same as LRCS but with an LFE subchannel added.

Same as Quadro but with an LFE subchannel added.

6.0 Cine
A Left-Right-Center front speaker arrangement with 3 (Left-Right-Center) surround channels.

6.0 Music
This uses 2 (Left/Right) front channels with Left and Right surround channels and Left and Right Side channels.

Lrs (Left Back)
Rrs (Right Back)