x265 HDR 参数计算方法

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首先,不同的色彩空间有不同的G B R WP 数据
通常,不同的片会有不同的L 数据

Display P3
--master-display "G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(10000000,1)"
--master-display "G(8500,39850)B(6550,2300)R(35400,14600)WP(15635,16450)L(40000000,50)"

--master-display & --max-cll values (Just those marked with red in .bat file example).
These settings will be selected based on Mastering display luminance (--master-display) and Maximum Content Light Level & Maximum Frame-Average Light Level (--max-cll) for each movie separately.
Those are shown doing a mediainfo on the extracted video, or simply checking a remux mediainfo.
As an example I took the Venom 2018 movie where mediainfo shows:

Mastering display luminance : min: 0.0050 cd/m2, max: 4000 cd/m2
Maximum Content Light Level : 3903 cd/m2
Maximum Frame-Average Light Level : 1076 cd/m2

In this case master-display=G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(40000000,50) and max-cll=3903,1076

About Maximum Content Light Level and Maximum Frame-Average Light Level ... If those not present -> max-cll=0,0